North and South Poles

A great thing about Olney is its diversity.

There are many different kinds of people going to school here, working here, passing through or living here 24/7. The eateries reflect that: you can get soul food from a food cart, cuisine from Asia or from Jamaica. There are almost no limits.

Yet, when I went to the “Shoppes at LaSalle” mall, I noticed an interesting contrast. Fresh Grocer is at one side of the mall, and Dunkin Donuts is at the other.

This immediately brought to my mind the common misconception about healthy living: I either have to shop at a place like “Fresh Grocer” or I have to “run on Dunkin”. But, as there are a numerous places to eat in Olney, so are there numerous shades and degrees of healthy or unhealthy food.

There’s no reason to tie yourself to trendy “health food stores”, or spend all your time at a fast food place. There are plenty of options: you just have to look.