Exploring Generosity in Germantown


Final Video Mission Statement

My group and I will be interviewing Reverend Alfred Jones of Hosley Temple Christian Methodist Episcopal about the La Salle’s Explore Nutrition Easter food drive as well as general food and health issues in the community.

Some questions I would like to ask are:

1) Did you think the Easter food drive was successful? What would have made it better?
2) Who does the Easter food drive benefit? Is it open to all members of the community or just the congregation?
3) Where does the food for the Easter food drive come from?
4) What kind of food products do you typically receive? Are they healthy?
5) Can you talk about the neighborhood’s response to the Easter food drive?
6) What are some of your biggest concerns regarding health and nutrition in the neighborhood?
7) Do you feel like health and nutrition is getting worse in the area? If so, what makes you feel this way?
8) How did Holsey start the Easter food drive?
9) How did Holsey get involved with “Explore Nutrition”?
10) What about “Explore Nutrition” excites you the most?
11) Why is nutrition important to you?

•    The overall purpose of our video is to offer a perspective on health and nutrition in the greater Olney area from members of the community, who are involved in distributing food to the hungry. A specific goal we have in telling this story is to raise awareness about health and nutrition issues in the neighborhood. Some components we will need
•    Assigned roles for each member of the team (e.g. producer, main photographer, secondary photographer, note taker/logging, sound, interviewer, video editor, writer)
Producer: Lauren Stair
Video Editor: Jon Matos
Interviewer: Joe Trinacria