Small Change, Big Difference

“What’s another ten pounds?” Usually, you hear this sentence, and you picture someone you know who doesn’t seem to care anymore. It may be the first ten pounds on their descent into obesity, or moving forward on the scale towards more dangerous territory.

And yet, ten pounds can make all the difference. According to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Trust For America’s Health, ten pounds, or 5% of your body weight, leads to a decrease in a number of health risks. When this first step is taken, it could mean 367,000 less cases of type 2 diabetes. It could mean 312,000 less cases of heart disease and stroke. It could mean 285,000 less cases of high blood pressure, and 164,000 less cases of arthritis.

“We’re talking about 20 minutes a day,” Jeff Levi, executive director of the trust, stated.

And yet, if we stay where we are, 57% of Pennsylvanians will be obese by 2030.

The problem seems like it’s going too far too fast. Sometimes it is easy to get discouraged, and let the pounds add up until they seem to disappear. But with these numbers in mind, it is just as simple to turn it around.

It’s just a difference of ten pounds. Lose 10 pounds, and you have done so much to change to cultural barometer, the numbers are staggering.

Sometimes ten pounds doesn’t seem like a lot, and that’s because it’s not!